Let’s Battle Together.



I wanted to mention this in class tonight- but thought it would have a wider reach if I posted on here:

As you know, comedian and actor Robin Williams committed suicide on Monday after battling depression.

Although we spend most of our time together trying to choke each unconscious, we also form lifelong bonds and friendships on these jiu jitsu mats.

We are a family.

Whether you are battling despair, loneliness, depression, or a terrible half guard sweep, know that you are not alone.

While I (and the other students in the academy) may not have the solution or know the “right” things to say, we can try our hardest to choke the f*ck out of life’s problems together.

I once read a letter written by Matt Fraction, an acclaimed comic book writer (sorry- that’s the extent of my reading these days), in which a reader wrote to him about his thoughts on depression and suicide. I have since bookmarked it and share it with you below.

Even if you are doing fine, I encourage you to read his response and share it with someone that may need it. I only wish I was half as eloquent as he is on this tremendously important subject that is impacting and hurting so many of us.

Jiu Jitsu for Life,


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