The Marcelo Garcia Jiu Jitsu Association of Gainesville, FL

Dear BJJ Family,


We will be suspending our operations until 4/1. I will be happy to refund half a month of tuition to all students (paypal:, or I will charge half a month of tuition for April (when we reopen) for students that paid in full in March.


For those that know me, you will know that I’m a fairly analytical and logical thinker- and rarely are my actions dictated by emotions or hysteria. However, what I am seeing around me, is a general lack of care or concern over the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus.


For those that know me well, you will also know that I’m willing to take a risk- especially when I feel I can make a well informed decision.


I’m willing to risk (or bet) a significant portion of my monthly income, that closing the academy is the right thing to do. I have no doubt that a good percentage of us will get this virus no matter what (experts believe this epidemic can potentially infect 20-40% of the USA population and surpass heart disease as the #1 killer of Americans) , and I have no personal stake in this – as my own elderly parents are in Taiwan (where they have way better measures of keeping their people safe).


Why are we closing if most people will get it?

The whole idea is what experts call “flattening the curve”: Most people won’t get sick enough to need a hospital. But those who do could overwhelm the number of beds and care teams that our nation’s hospitals have available….thus, if you are able to “delay” the number of people exposed to the virus, you will give our hospital staff a better opportunity to care for people who have the coronavirus, or just as importantly, need other medical help- as many of our emergency rooms and hospitals already operate at close to capacity.


Why are we closing now?

While we only have two public cases in Alachua County, most experts agree that if you are going to curtail social interactions to flatten this curve to help out society, you do it when there are very few infected people in your population- not when there are many- because it will do little good by then.


Besides, most likely we have much more infected people already in our midst- we just don’t have enough test kits to have readily available testing.


Additionally, beginning on Monday- all public schools have been closed, and the week after is their Spring Break – now is a time we can make a bigger impact on the spread of the virus by taking a break.


If I’m wrong, it will be a 2 week rest from the mats – which is often needed anyhow. If I’m right, we are simply doing the right thing at the right time.


Thank you for your continued understanding and support!!

See you guys soon!

Kon Ying


Welcome!  We are a martial arts academy dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our members.  We believe that this can be achieved through the development of a sound body and alert mind through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – as taught directly from one of the living legends of the sport, Marcelo Garcia.



Children’s Martial Arts classes for ages 5-13 years old!